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L'Angelus @ Ann Siang Hill

Chanced upon L'Angelus one evening when we were feeling European...Nazt Bistro was closed...Da Paolo looked forlorn and Cugina was filled.

l'angelus interior

Step into a world of cosy luxury when you enter L'Angelus along Ann Siang Hill.


L'Angelus is a cosy French place at Ann Siang Hill...just next to Cugini and opposite Jerry's Grill. Not sure why I hardly took notice of the charm that ASH exudes previously but I think I am falling in love with the place. Like a first love that sweeps you off your feet...


Plates specially customised for Singapore!

table light

Love them table lamps?


Something about it makes me feel like in Paris.

The first visit there was mainly for frivolous as that sounds.


Last minute cooked Apple Pie, Cinnamon icecream, Calvados ($12)

25 minute wait is imposed for this..and a well worthwhile one! A flat pastry base lined beautifully with apple slices and baked to a lovely brown...the mere whiff sent me to sugary clouds and beyond. With a dash or two of calvados, the alcohol barely kicked in but provided a nice twist to the "safe" dessert. Cinnamon icecream with apple pie...yummy, is seriously an understatement.


Raspberry Sherbet topped with Cremant from Burgundy ($18)

First, a champagne glass of mini scoops of sherbet is placed infront of you then the sparkling wine bottle is popped before the bubbly is filled up. Theatrics aside, the strange thing happened with the sherbet scoops, they solidified into raspberry clumps. I suppose the sparkling wine and raspberry does not quite go together..while the raspberry sherbet dissolved into the wine, what was left was a caustic path which was not the smoothest of all wines.

Their main course menu looks too enticing...shall schedule a return soon to suss them out! Well for a start, Poilane bread is part of it...! Service is surely not on the top of their agenda with waitresses putting on quite a pretentious front, bothering with tables that had proper mains.

Fast forward 2 weeks later,  I was back for dinner! They open their doors promptly at 7pm for dinner and we were made to wait outside till it struck 7. Not too sure what's with the exact timing for dinner. Nonetheless, being the first diners for the night, we had the liberty to pick a cosy corner. L'Angelus handles mostly walk-ins as seen from the crowd that trickled in.

bread basket

Baskets of Poilane bread got served but they were a tad hard and served lukewarm. A great pity given such an awesome piece of culinary art! The first experience of Poilane at L'Entrecote was divine and this simply was miles off.You get refills promptly without much fuss until you insist otherwise.


Mozzarella cheese!


Mini Raviolis, specialty from "Le Royans", filled with fresh Cheese ($24)


I had my reservations about having pasta in a French place but decided to go ahead anyway. Smooth pockets of cheese pasta, eating these were so delightful.Well flavoured cheese dumplings smothered in cheese, almost. I had a whale of a cheesy time sprinkling mozzarella all over. Two thumbs up for this!


Burgundy Snails in Claypots ($28)


Escargots are always a must...these were a tad oily though the garlic did not pack quite the punch I was looking for. Furthermore, the escargots were somewhat soft to bite. L'Entrecot still tops this one.

duck confit

Duck Confit with Potato Chips "Salardaise" in Goose Fat ($42)

duck confit1

Opted for Duck Confit which came with a portion of fries fried like chips and a grilled tomato. While the meat was teased off quite easily, what was clearly missing was the succulence of meat and crispy skin. Off the record, Clifford's droolicious fared better here.


I've got to admit the way they did their chips was unforgettable, potato chips made from scratch!

apple tart

Orange Suzettes were tempting me so but the heart went for the same apple tart I fell in love with the last time! This time round, it took 15 minutes..they kindly proportioned it for two this time! The dash of calvados was a drop too much resulting in the tart being bitter. Otherwise, the same charming apple pastry that charmed my socks off again!

nougat iced dessert

Honey iced dessert ($12) was dubious but the adventurous companion was adamant about it turning out fantabulous. In short, fruitcake icecream with all the dried fruits embedded within. Nothing to scream about.

Dining at L'Angelus was a pleasant and exquisite experience. I was mostly distracted by the paintings or pictures they adorned on the wall...enthralled I was for a good part of the dinner..starring intently at the decor. Service though attentive is somewhat contrived. Unlike its other french counterparts, it is perhaps less high profile and I'm glad I found this little gem!

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  1. ooh...looks good and promising! Were there a lot of diners?

  2. hi lorraine!! :) def worth a visit..nope, not that many diners strangely..